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Hi We’re AC55ID

We’ve Leveled The Playing Field For Independent Artists and Labels.

AC55ID is proud to announce the launch of its online music marketplace and hub, dedicated to fostering a fair ecosystem for independent electronic music artists and labels. Serving as a Bandcamp alternative, our platform operates on an affordable subscription model, offering members access to our dedicated fulfillment center at no additional cost. This center simplifies the processing and shipping of vinyl and merchandise, complemented by dedicated customer support. At AC55ID, we are committed to ensuring that artists retain 100% of their earnings from both digital and physical sales through our marketplace, with AC55ID taking 0%. Join us in creating a vibrant community where artists thrive and music lovers connect.

Primary Features

Keep 100% of Your Earnings on Digital, Vinyl, and Merchandise

At AC55ID, we don’t take a percentage of your sales earnings on digital, vinyl, or merchandise sold through our marketplace. Enjoy complete ownership of your earnings without any restrictions. It’s like Bandcamp Friday every day.

Unlimited Artist Accounts and Releases

Create as many artist profiles and releases as you desire for your label account, all without incurring additional costs. Our platform empowers your label’s growth without limitations, allowing you to showcase a diverse range of artists and releases.

Fulfilment Centre: We ship to your fans

Selling merch and vinyl through our marketplace is hassle-free. Our dedicated fulfilment centre handles and ships your products to fans with complimentary customer service—all included in your subscription cost. We’ve streamlined the whole process- no more need for third-party fulfilment companies.

On-Demand Vinyl Pressing: Fan-powered campaigns

Realise your dream of a vinyl release through our On-Demand vinyl campaigns, accessible immediately. Collect reservations, and once the threshold is met, production begins, including vinyl mastering and shipment directly to your fans.

Set Your Own Prices and Distribution Volume

Exercise complete autonomy over your pricing strategy and distribution volume. This feature is perfect for curating a limited edition range within your catalogue, offering a unique and exclusive experience for your audience, even for digital releases.

Be Part of The New Electronic Music Ecosystem

Join a marketplace exclusively for electronic music featuring rare vinyl, guest mixes, editorials, and more. Participate in our bi-annual giveaways for a chance to get your music on vinyl and promoted by us. Share events using the scheduler and connect with followers in AC55ID’s growing community of electronic music enthusiasts.

The team

We’re a tight-knit team of tech geeks, artists, musicians and developers, who thrive in exploring what’s beyond the box. Dedicated to growing the AC55ID community, AC55ID projects, and collaborations.
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