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Refund Policy

How can I terminate my Label account, and what occurs when I do so? Additionally, what is your policy on refunds?

To discontinue your subscription, navigate to your Profile page and select “cancel label subscription.” Upon cancellation, your label features will remain active for the current paid month. We do not provide refunds for unused time within a month, but you won’t incur charges for the subsequent month.

What transpires with my label account post-cancellation?

While visitors can still access your label site and sales proceeds go to you, certain functionalities will be restricted. These include exporting unified sales reports, viewing unified stats or merchandise orders pages, exporting your label mailing list, and adding new artists to your account. The AC55ID subscription for you and your artists will cease, preventing you from inviting people to privately stream tracks and albums (existing invites will remain functional). Batch upload access will also be revoked, and if Google Analytics is linked to your AC55ID account, it will cease collecting visitor statistics. Location and referrer data for your sales will no longer be collected, and if you’ve configured a custom domain, it will cease functioning. Streaming-disabled tracks will switch to streaming. You can re-subscribe at any time through your Profile page.

Can I convert my label account to an artist account if I change my mind?

Unfortunately, no. Label accounts cannot be reverted, but you can continue using the account for free as outlined above.

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