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Artist (Australia)

With over 10 years as a producer/DJ and 8 as a label owner/creative director, ADMINISTRATOR’s output has been prolific. Though it has achieved a lot during its time, it has chosen to remain anonymous throughout the process, both to signify the digitality of its being, and as a show of resistance against ideas of populism, egotism, and style over substance.

Having played events up and down the east coast of Australia since 2014, as well as in Perth, Lyon, Kassel (GER), and Leipzig – including several appearances at the infamous ‘Institut für Zukunft’ club – during European stints, ADMINISTRATOR’s precision in the booth is palpable. It has supported local heroes all the way up to international headliners – Chlär, Keepsakes, Stef Mendesidis, Lewis Fautzi, Blue Hour, Mikron, Matthew Dear, and more, at home and abroad. 2023 saw the creation of a new, all improvised live set, and the joining of the Tangle Agency.

On the production front, a unique, noticeably wonky sonic image has appeared. As a result of the investment in creative progression, it has released two full-length concept albums, one on Connection Verified in 2021 and one on Bomphcast Audio in 2023, as well as EPs on Stuttgart’s Schimmer Records, ESP Collective in the U.S., Oscillator One in Glasgow, several on CV, and Melbourne’s All Sorts label. Additionally, a slew of remix credits and VA appearances have built up a solid discography for the entity in question.

As the label head of Connection Verified (no longer operating), ADMINISTRATOR guided the imprint through 7 years and over 50 releases across digital, vinyl, SD card, CD/DVD, and USB formats, showcasing the label in club, exhibition, local, and international settings. More recently, the entity cofounded the circuit|breaker imprint, promising a global mission of unity for the worldwide electronic music community.

As creative director for INSTASIS (no longer operating), it has hosted club nights featuring cutting-edge acts like Kas:st, Blue Hour, Ness, and Archivist, put together mixes for collectives across Europe and Australia, collaborated with producers like half slept and Sandman on alternative aliases, and has seen several projects grow from homegrown productions to a booming imprints with audiences and artists across the globe. The future is promising for ADMINISTRATOR.

1.0 founder of Connection Verified
0.25 founder of INSTASIS (operations ceased)
0.5 of Sandman & The Wizard (on indefinite hiatus)
0.5 of Auto/mates

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