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Anderson Noise

Artist (Brazil)

Involved in the industry since the late 80's, the Minas Gerais native is one of the most responsible for shaping and growing the country's electronic music, earning the respect of many national and international names, including the recognition of the legend Carl Cox. Noise has performed in more than 30 countries around the world, taking his extreme skill and sensitivity with him into the construction of his sets, as well as helping put Brazil on the Techno world map.

As an artist with a career spanning over 30 years and an extensive catalog of releases by several labels, reaching stratospheric numbers, and of course, also on his own label, Noise Music, the first Brazilian Techno label, which turned 23 years old in April 2022.

Noise has developed major collaborations with João Carlos Martins, Milton Nascimento, Daniela Mercury, Lulu Santos and many others, in addition to maintaining the Nie Myer project with band members Skank, Henrique Portugal and Lelo Zanetti.

In his entire career he has received dozens of awards, has been elected the best DJ for two consecutive years by DJ Mag Brasil, and for three years his name was included in the Top 100 list of DJ Mag UK, reaching the position of number 26 in the world in 2008.

Noise has been a producer for memorable parties throughout the 90s and during the 2000s, in unusual places in Belo Horizonte. He is also responsible for creating the first online electronic music radio station in Brazil, Radio Noise.

With an energy rare to be found, common only among the most talented artists, Anderson Noise, is that type of professional who looks at difficulties with responsibility, but doesn't feel intimidated. These are some of his abilities that you will be able to read about in his Biography “O Barulho da Lua” written by journalist Claudia Assef.

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