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Hyper Binary

Artist (Australia)

The original debut of the Hyper Binary alias was that of a duo, which over the past couple of years had very successfully made waves around Melbourne's underground techno scene and launched several captivating EP's on record labels all over the world. However, after some more recent reconsideration of sonic philosophies and a shift in aims towards different career goals – Hyper Binary now just sits and rests on the shoulder's of one single, distinguished heavyweight in the world of Australian techno: Joey. Bringing his tough as nails approach to electronica - but with a knowledgeable & considered musical backing that's the result of years of influence from sources like Hip Hop, Psychedelic Funk, and deep techno – Hyper Binary transgresses the path that lines the inspirations and memories of the past with the boundless optimism and zen-like awareness of the sounds that lie ahead in the future. Refusing to be anchored to the temporal nature of reality and decide on any one singular style as a defining characteristic : Joey's approach to lifting the Hyper Binary name head and shoulders above all the competition is to embark on a near-spiritual journey of techno missionary work – traversing all over Melbourne with the deep, hypnotic, atmospheric and cerebrally infectious sounds that lie inside the tracks of his DJ crate. The dance floor shaman, He guides each and every clubbing fanatic through an intense personal trip within themselves via his aural mysticism behind the decks.

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