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The Unborn Child

Artist (Spain)

The Unborn Child's music is defined by a timeless concept that transcends boundaries: "What Never Begins, Never Ends."

His sound knows no limits, exploring the past, present, and future through a unique blend of the history of electronic music and the cutting-edge techno sound of the new school.

With a passion for art and cinema, The Unborn Child creates abstract soundscapes and environments that plunge listeners into a dark and mesmerizing world of chaos and order. His sound design is a symphony of futuristic beats and brooding atmospheres that evoke a sense of mystery and intrigue.

As the label boss and art director of Wrong Theory, The Unborn Child shares his most personal and avant-garde works, inviting listeners to experience the depths of his creativity.

His music is a sonic exploration of the outer reaches of techno, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

With support from respected labels like SOMA, BCCO, Animal Farm The Unborn Child has established himself as a leading figure in the techno scene.

His electrifying performances have seen him share the stage with renowned artists such as Oscar Mulero, Setaoc Mass, DJ Rush, Casual Treatment, Rene Weis, Alignment , Chris Liebing, Etapp Kyle,

The Unborn Child's music is a dystopian dream, a futuristic soundscape that transports listeners to a dark and mysterious realm.

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