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Direct vinyl pressing.

Direct Pressing

6-8 weeks (minimum 100 units), starting from $650, available exclusively to subscribers of AC55ID.

For inquiries or orders,

Our pressing plant is uniquely tailored to serve members within our ecosystem on the AC55ID platform, providing them with first priority access, quick turnaround times, and exclusive discounts. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality, sustainability, and efficiency while ensuring that our members receive exceptional service and benefits. Our ability to cut, plate, press, print and package ensures a consistently high standard for each project, and our approximately 68 week turnaround time means you can confidently plan your release schedule.

Contact: hello@ac55id.support

This is my first vinyl release. Can you give a brief overview of the whole process?

Once your mixes are finished, you’ll need to get your audio mastered for vinyl. We recommend having your music mastered by an experienced engineer who is familiar with RIAA standards for vinyl mastering. Having your music mastered specifically for vinyl ensures that the high and low frequencies have been optimized for best performance on a record (imbalanced low frequencies or too much sibilance can diminish the quality of the record substantially).

Once your songs are mastered, two lacquers will be cut (A and B side). A lacquer is an aluminum disk covered in a soft material much like nail polish, which is cut on a lathe. Once cut, the lacquers are sprayed with liquid silver and then nickel plated to form stampers that are used to press the records. The stampers are then inserted into the press and the first test pressings are made to be reviewed by our audio QC team and then sent off to the artist/label/management for approval. Once you’ve approved the test pressings, your order will move to our production queue to be pressed.

You’ll need to make sure you’ve got all your artwork ready to go and formatted per the appropriate templates at time of of order confirmation. Artwork can be a major bottleneck in the order process, and we encourage our customers to make sure they have all printed materials squared away as early as possible to avoid any delays to their production timeline. A dedicated Project Manager will be assigned to you upon inquiry to help guide you through the process and keep your project on schedule.

What is the minimum pressing requirement?

100 records is the minimum requirement.

How long is the pressing turnaround time?

Our current turnaround time is approximately 6-8 weeks from submission of audio and artwork assets.

Does the service include mastering?

Absolutely. Our service not only incorporates mastering but also meticulous lacquer cutting. We collaborate with expert mastering engineers from renowned studios such as Optimum Mastering (https://www.optimum-mastering.com), Schnittstelle (https://www.schnittstelle.ws/de/), and Maspaventi (www.maspaventi.com). Additionally, if you prefer to provide your own cut lacquer at your own expense, we can arrange this with you upon request.

How long will it take to get my test pressings?

Once we receive finalized audio, your test pressings will arrive in approximately 4 weeks.

Is there a sound quality difference between black, color and multi-color vinyl?

Of all the options, black vinyl contains the lowest levels of surface noise. Surface noise may increase depending on the color or combination of colors that you’ve chosen. The surface noise of Eco Mix is comparable to that of other standard multi-color mixes. Ask your account manager if you’re concerned about your color/effect selection.

All other aspects of audio quality will remain the same with color vinyl.

I’m located in the United States. Will my records be subject to import duty and taxes?

No, there will not be any additional duties, taxes, or import charges beyond your quoted freight price. We manage the entire shipping process including customs, which means you’ll never have to think twice about the border.

Can you ship my order to multiple locations?

Yes, you can. AC55ID has warehouse locations in both Spain and the United States. This allows you to split your order and ship to both locations, optimizing shipping efficiency and reducing costs for your fans.

Are there discounts available for artists and labels on the platform?

Yes, absolutely! Artists and labels subscribed to our platform receive priority pressing and enjoy a generous 30% discount.

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