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Founded by the renowned DJ NASTIA, this label is dedicated to continuous growth while remaining firmly rooted in the core values of the dance music community.

The label has not only consistently featured contributions from esteemed artists like R.M.K., Stef Mendesidis, Lee Holman, Denis Dekay, and more but has also cultivated a distinctive NECHTO sound along the way providing Ukrainian culture with artists like Voin Oruwu, Splinter and Symonenko. While offering a platform to producers and DJs around the globe for the currently most exciting party series for quality techno, the label does not forget to constantly fight for their home and the people left at their base.

The name NECHTO, an anagram of Techno, holds a dual meaning, signifying both «something» and «nothing» depending on the context. In the same spirit, NECHTO serves as an open platform for all, devoid of pretension. Its mission is to harness its influence to support emerging artists. The label is designed to simplify the release process for newcomers, demonstrating how effortless it can be to share your music when you’re focused on creating quality content. NECHTO demonstrates that the dynamic space between contemporary and 90s Techno serves as a fertile ground for unexplored creative possibilities. The imprint remains a source of inspiration, fostering and nurturing emerging talent from around the world while providing a platform for established artists to push the boundaries of their creativity.

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