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Ohlee-A Records


Ohlee-A Records, A Side, French House Music
Ohlee-B Records, B Side, The Techno Division
Ohlee-Boot Records, The Bootleg Division

From the roots of the Earth to Space!

Ohlee-A means
/ˈoʊliə/ OH-lee-ə, Olea, Olive Tree

Ohlee-A is
a tribute to our friend and mentor Olivier Huguenard (Fat Phaze, Fizz / Sismic Music)
a return to our Mediterranean origins
a family circle

Ohlee-A cultivates
house & techno music in all their shapes
through an old school, organic and groovy sound

no organization: ohlee-a is a creative tribute
moral and fair agreement between the artist and ohlee-a

are the roots that nourish Ohlee-A Records

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