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Limited-edition ( ONLY 20 COPIES WORLDWIDE ) picture disc vinyl interviews recorded and pressed on 180g hard wax, hosted by industry leader Katie Knight. B-sides incl. rare unreleased artist bonus tracks. Vinylkast is a vinyl interviews project that aims to capture the stories and experiences of musicians, producers, and other music industry professionals through the medium of vinyl. Each episode of Vinylkast features an in-depth interview with a different guest, recorded specifically for the project and pressed onto vinyl as a limited edition release. The focus of Vinylkast is on the people behind the music, rather than just the music itself. Through these interviews, listeners are able to gain a deeper understanding of the creative process and the lives of those who make the music they love. This allows fans to hear their favorite artists in a more intimate and personal setting, as they share stories, insights, and reflections about their work and lives. Vinyl interviews can be especially appealing to collectors, who appreciate the rarity and exclusivity of the format, as well as the unique opportunity to connect with their favorite artists on a deeper level.

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