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Experience Risk-free, Hassle-free On-demand Vinyl Pressing To Bring Your Music Directly To Your Fans.

AC55ID’s On- demand vinyl pressing service provides musicians with a convenient and risk-free opportunity to press their music onto vinyl. Using a fan-powered campaign, you can customize various elements such as vinyl color, weight, jacket style, and more, all without any financial risk or upfront investment. Once your target is met, we’ll manufacture your records and ship them directly to your loyal supporters.

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Here’s how it works:

Check the Visualiser and Pricing Calculator Tool:

Estimate costs and explore various vinyl preferences. This tool can help you decide about vinyl colour, packaging options, and overall production expenses. Understanding these details upfront will help you set realistic campaign goals.

Upload Your Tracks and Artworks:

Submit your tracks and corresponding artworks to the platform (these will be for campaign purposes only). Only when the campaign ends and succeeds will we reach out for the necessary formatted audio files, artworks and any other information required for pressing. Complementary vinyl mastering is offered for successful campaigns.

Set Up a Sales Objective:

Define a clear sales objective for your vinyl pressing campaign. Determine the number of pre-orders needed to cover production costs and meet your financial goals. Be realistic; a well-defined sales objective provides a target for your campaign and motivates fans to participate.

Share It and Collect Pre-Orders:

Use your social media channels, email newsletters, and other communication platforms to share your On Demand vinyl campaign. Direct fans to the campaign page to listen to the tracks and pre-order. Consider encouraging early supporters by offering exclusive perks or discounts for those who pre-order during the campaign period.

Reach Your Reservation Threshold:

Once the reservation threshold is reached, the production is secured and launched. If you don’t reach this threshold, you will be given the option to fund the rest of the production yourself. If the threshold isn’t reached, the project is cancelled, and everybody is paid back in full.

You Reached Your Objective – We’ll Take Care of the Rest:

Once your campaign achieves its pre-order threshold, our specialised support team will contact you to finalise the details. We’ll update you on the vinyl pressing and take care of the shipping and logistics from our dedicated fulfilment centre.

For Artists And Labels

What is the On Demand Vinyl Campaign about?

Want to turn your digital release into a vinyl masterpiece? We got you. 

AC55ID's On Demand Vinyl Pressing service offers artists and labels vinyl pressing via fan-backed campaigns for a risk-free, zero-waste vinyl pressing service. 

Unlike other music marketplaces, at AC55ID, you can plan and launch your campaign immediately after you create an artist or label account with us.

Simply acquire the threshold of reservations necessary to hit your vinyl pressing goal, and we'll do the rest, including vinyl mastering and shipping to your fans.

This way, artists have no money to advance, there are no unsold records, no inventory, and thus, at the same time, no unnecessary pollution (our little earth is thankful 😉)! Pretty cool, right? So what are you waiting for?

What is the minimum pressing requirement?

100 records is the minimum requirement

Does the service include mastering?

Absolutely, our service not only includes mastering but also meticulous lacquer cutting.

Can record labels use On-demand as well?

AC55ID On-demand is a service for both artists and record labels.

Can I self-fund if the campaign is not met?

If reservations fall short, you can self-fund the remaining amount anytime during the campaign.

How long is the pressing turnaround time?

Our current pressing turnaround time is approximately 6-8 weeks from the day we’ve received approval of all files for manufacturing. 

For Fans

What does reserve mean?

Reserving an On Demand vinyl isn't just a transaction; it's a powerful demonstration of support for independent artists and belief in their creative projects. Your commitment helps make the world a better place for these artists, enabling them to bring their music to life on vinyl. Reservations are paid in advance, securing the product for future delivery. Reserved vinyl is shipped upon succesful completion of the artists campaign and after the pressing process.

When will my records be shipped ?

Records are shipped 6-8 Weeks after the On Demand Vinyl Campaign’s end date. This process commences after the campaign's suscesful end and final approval for manufacturing.

What happens if the campaign project I backed doesn't reach its goal?

If the project you backed does not reach its goal...

  • The vinyl will not be pressed
  • You'll be refunded in full
Can I cancel my order?
Campaign  Reserve Cancellation Policy

During an active campaign if you encounter any issues like making a purchase in error or unauthorized transactions, our team is readily available to assist please contact us.

What happens after the campaign ends?

You’ll have to wait 6 to 8 weeks for manufacturing before we ship the records to you.

Who is responsible for overseeing the shipping process?

Our fulfillment center is tasked with managing the shipping and handling processes for all physical inventory, including the effective handling and mitigation of fraud concerns.

Have a great release you’d like to see on vinyl?

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