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NECH021 by R​.​M​.​K








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The record label “NECHTO” created by Nastia unveils a 5-track EP by R.M.K – a new alias of London’s electronic music producer, DJ, and Fossil Archive label head Rob Kirkaldy, also known as Roberto. The record demonstrates a faster and more intense take on the artist’s original sound. With a focus on the very core auditory aesthetics of raves, the tracks also incorporate a hypnotic groove element of groove. The EP comprises a thundering bass at higher tempos, whilst preserving a soul within the music itself. “The intention was to make a well-balanced EP aimed at the dancefloor, whilst showcasing a range of sounds that provide enough versatility to keep the listener interested throughout”, says the artist on his debut release under the R.M.K alias. Apart from launching his own techno label Fossil Archive, Rob Kirkaldy has established himself as a notable figure both as a techno producer and a masterful DJ. His long-lasting dedication to electronic music has brought him to the world’s most renowned club culture establishments, including London’s Fabric, Berlin’s Tresor and Berghain, and many others. R.M.K strives to only deliver the highest quality of music and never settles for anything mediocre, as is proven with this new outstanding EP. “This will be my first full release as R.M.K and I am excited for everyone to hear it. Having the stamp of approval and backing from NECHTO is a great honour and I am excited about the future of this project.” – R.M.K

NECH021 by R​.​M​.​K

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