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Unknown Archetype - CTRL EP





United Kingdom



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Unknown Archetype is a dynamic fusion of visionary talents, uniting the British conceptual artist and music producer Roxy Tripp, with the Czech-born producer and live performer Oliver Kucera. Their journey through electronic music has earned them acclaim, including notable contributions on the prestigious R&S Records label. Now, they present a captivating two-track techno EP exclusive to AC55ID that continues their legacy of exploration in electronic music.

The ‘CTRL’ EP immerses listeners in forward-thinking techno, revealing the quintessential Unknown Archetype sound. The title track, ‘CTRL’ embarks on a visceral odyssey, weaving brutalist offbeat drum rhythms, frenzied sirens, and retro-futuristic vocals that encapsulate themes of power and submission dynamics. The tracks’ foreboding rhythmic march submerges the listener in a visceral dystopian soundscape.

In a compelling contrast, ‘Arrival’ emerges with a warm creeping acid synth line and an irresistible four-to-the-floor peak-time allure. The inviting vocals in ‘Arrival’ guide listeners to the potential of the present moment, leading them through a mesmerising journey across an energetically evolving sonic landscape; showcasing the remarkable versatility of Unknown Archetype while maintaining their unique signature sonic imprint.

The ‘CTRL’ EP delves into the dualistic facets of the human experience, much like two sides of a coin. This dynamic release encapsulates the dichotomy that often characterises our journeys, offering contrasting perspectives. It resonates with the multifaceted nature of life, delivering a sonic experience with remarkable versatility and dance-floor impact.

Unknown Archetype - CTRL EP

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