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Shop Fulfillment AC55ID

Streamlining your Artist or Label’s  Webshop Experience

This document serves to outline the benefits and procedures associated with AC55ID’s shop fulfillment services for your Artist or label’s webshop. Below, you’ll find details regarding our processes, pricing, setup instructions, and how to manage incoming orders effectively from our warehouse address.

Understanding the Concept

At AC55ID, we specialize in streamlining webshop logistics for paid artist or label subscriptions on our marketplace. Our process begins with these subscribed clients logging into their accounts and accessing the facility shipping address through the upload form. Once received, we take full responsibility for managing and fulfilling all subsequent orders on behalf of your webshop. This includes inventory management, order processing, packaging, and shipping to end customers.

What to Expect

With AC55ID, expect a seamless and efficient handling process. Upon receiving merchandise at our facility, we initiate a meticulous inventory management system. When orders are placed through your webshop, our team swiftly processes them within a timeframe of 24-72 hours. Each package is carefully prepared, utilizing protective packaging materials to ensure safe transit. We provide tracking numbers, insurance coverage for loss/damage up to €100, and require signature confirmation for delivery in many supported countries worldwide. Basic customer support services for order-related inquiries are also available.

Transit Timelines

We collaborate with reputable shipping partners such as UPS and GLS to offer reliable transit options. Within the EU, deliveries typically take 1-5 business days via GLS. Shipments to destinations outside the EU may require 5-20 business days due to customs clearance processes.

Inventory Management

AC55ID efficiently manages stock quantities upon receipt of merchandise. Our team ensures accurate inventory tracking to prevent overselling or stockouts. We promptly notify you when stock levels are low and coordinate restocking efforts as necessary.

Complimentary Additions

Enhance your customers’ experience by including free gifts or bonuses in their packages. Whether it’s limited edition stickers or posters, we’re happy to include these items at no additional cost when provided by you.

Customer Support and Resolution

Our dedicated team handles all customer inquiries related to orders promptly and professionally. From product inquiries to shipping concerns or defective items, simply direct relevant messages to hello@ac55id.com, and we’ll work diligently to resolve any issues.

Addressing Damaged Deliveries

In the unfortunate event of damaged or lost deliveries, immediate action is crucial. Reports must be submitted to hello@ac55id.com within 48-72 hours of delivery confirmation. Timely reports enable us to file claims with the transporter’s insurance for resolution. However, reports submitted beyond this timeframe may incur additional costs for resolution, which are the responsibility of the AC55ID shop owner.

AC55ID is dedicated to optimizing your webshop logistics, providing seamless fulfillment solutions, and exceptional customer service every step of the way.

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