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Title: Shipping Requirements for Sellers

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Dear Sellers,

To ensure smooth and efficient logistics, please adhere to the following shipping requirements when sending your products to us:

1. Box Size: The dimensions of the shipping box should be approximately 40x60x30 cm or similar.

2. Single SKU Master Carton: If you have multiple SKUs, ensure that different SKUs are physically separated within the master carton.

3. Master Carton Labeling: Each master carton must be clearly labeled with the quantity of the product (x units).

4. Nice to Have: While not mandatory, it’s beneficial to have a single SKU master carton with a master carton barcode for ease of tracking.

5. Packing List: Include a packing list with your shipment.

By complying with these shipping requirements, you contribute to the efficiency of our processes and help us provide a seamless experience for our customers.

Thank you for your cooperation and for being part of our network of trusted sellers.


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You can then save this document as a PDF or in another appropriate format for distribution to your sellers.

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