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Bandit Beats


Welcome to Bandit Beats, the celestial sanctuary for sonic renegades and interstellar auteurs alike! Embark on a cosmic voyage with our crew of intrepid space pirates, led by our enigmatic captain, a hoodie-wearing trickster god whose nimble fingers can pluck melodies from the very fabric of space-time.

Joining our crew are the cybernetic marvels: Bandit the raccoon, a master thief turned rhythm maestro, and Midnight the vampire bat, whose haunting melodies pierce the veil of the night sky.

As we chart our course through the boundless reaches of the solar system, Bandit Beats scours the cosmos for the freshest talents and the most electrifying sounds, blending genres and bending boundaries to create a sonic tapestry unlike any other. From the pulsating beats of pulsar EDM to the ethereal harmonies of nebula ballads, our label transcends the ordinary, embracing the extraordinary in every note.

So, whether you're a wayfaring troubadour or a cosmic composer, Bandit Beats welcomes you to join our odyssey through the stars. Let your music be the guiding light in the darkness of space, as we journey together to the farthest reaches of sound and beyond.

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