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Nastia – DJ set at Tresor

Experience a piece of techno history as DJ Nastia delivers a powerful DJ set from the legendary Tresor in Berlin. This set, recorded at the iconic Tresor club, honors the rich heritage of Berlin's club culture, where the first techno beats reverberated through East Berlin after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Nastia's Tresor Berlin set is a masterful blend of deep, driving beats and industrial soundscapes, capturing the essence of Tresor's groundbreaking influence on techno music. As the mix unfolds, listeners are taken on a journey through the ambience that have defined Berlin Tresor club nights for decades. From the hypnotic and gritty rhythms to the intricate layers of sound that characterize Tresor Berlin live sets, Nastia showcases her expertise in curating a seamless and electrifying audio experience. This Tresor Berlin mix is a testament to her deep connection to the roots of techno and her ability to push the genre's boundaries. Immerse yourself in the relentless energy of techno Tresor with Nastia's latest Berlin Tresor techno set, a powerful tribute to the enduring legacy of Berlin's most iconic techno club. Experience the magic of a Berlin Tresor night with DJ Nastia live as she takes you through an unforgettable journey with her Nastia DJ set mix, showcasing the best of Berlin club Tresor. Prepare to be transported to the heart of Berlin's club culture with Nastia's Tresor club Berlin DJ set.

DJ set at Tresor (Original)