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Can U Put Me On Guestlist?

As the dance music industry grows and grows, Katie digs deep into the lives of DJs, producers, managers, tour managers, publicists, club owners, label managers, promoters... (basically all of the people who get asked for guestlist) to find out how they started out, challenges they’ve come across, achievements, opinions, goals and, of course, all of the exciting stories that they’ve made along the way... And there's definitely some good ones out there.

Indira Paganotto: When your dreams come true … What’s next?

After playing in over 4 continents, 92 cities and 29 countries in 2023, headlining over 40 festivals globally including Kappa, EXIT, Monegros, Sonus, Extrema, DGTL and Time Warp as well as all major clubs and venues around the world, curating her own nights at Amnesia Ibiza, playing Tomorrowland Main Stage and so much more, two questions come to mind for Indira Paganotto: One, how do you feel after the biggest year of your career so far and two, what's next? Becoming one of the most in-demand artists in the world in such a short period of time, I sat down with the queen of Psytechno to talk about how she has dealt with her rapid growth to fame, how non-stop hard work, passion and being true to yourself will take you to wherever you want to go, appreciating the small things in life and the love she has for the community that she has created.

A story told from the heart.
Video filmed by Joao Rodriguez.

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