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Mriya – In my House EP

A Powerful Debut.

Hailing from Ukraine, Mriya makes a powerful release debut with her EP, “In My House,” firmly establishing her presence with this exemplary entrance.

The title track, “In My House,” is a testament to Mriya’s artistic expression, skillfully crafting immersive moments on the dancefloor. Her arrival lands with full impact, immediately showcasing clear production strengths. Driven by a commanding force, repetitive vocals ascend into elongated reverbs. The integration of ominous synths expands into moments of fervent energy intricately synchronised with punishing beats. The track constructs an experience that is not only powerful but also captivating in its depth; a visceral pull into its all-encompassing intensity.

” I was able to fully express myself this time”


“Substructure” propels the journey further, revealing another relentless four-to-the-floor rhythm. Rattling percussive subtleties introduce intricate textures, seamlessly intertwining with powerful synths. The result is profoundly hypnotic, maintaining a moody and relentlessly driving atmosphere, perfect for creating full-power dance floor moments.

The third track introduces an acapella of “In My House,” providing a versatile audio cut that is not only ideal for layering but also adds a creative expression layer to any set. This addition seamlessly rounds off a robust EP.

Mriya’s ability to captivate and mesmerise with her hypnotic sounds establishes a solid foundation. “In My House” serves as a promising debut that not only leaves a strong and lasting impression but also sets the stage for an exciting journey ahead.



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