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Symonenko – I Need Ammunition EP

“Russian Warship, Go Fuck Yourself”

Symonenko’s debut solo release, “I Need Ammunition EP,” showcases a powerful testament to his prowess as a Ukrainian producer, channelling profound themes and emotions into intense electronic music. This is not just a brilliant three-track techno EP,  it’s a deep expression of lives “suspended, endangered, and occupied,” as described by the artist himself. In the title track, “I Need Ammunition”, Symonenko integrates a vocal sample from the exchange between a Russian warship and Snake Island’s Ukrainian border guards and Roman Hrybov’s resolute response: “Russian warship, go fuck yourself.” The defiant vocal slice repeats skillfully, etched around a developing intense marching beat, distorted gnarly bassline and furious percussive drive with skilful sonic expression.

“War Kids” maintains a similar level of intensity, introducing an abstract vocal as part of a project Symonenko engaged in to convey the voices of youth displaced by war. The rigid beat, pressurized synths, and frayed pads contribute to the overall intensity of the production, adding layers of texture and striking an artistic balance between soft and harsh. This switch between dream and cold machine-like sonic textures skilfully conveys the emotional depth of the track’s narrative in a powerfully mesmerising way. 

“Electronic music is pure magic when done properly”

The final track, “Carpathians For Freedom,” reveals a very different mood and production style. Beautiful, haunting, and deeply emotive. The Middle Eastern tones, possibly emanating from a Qaran or a similar instrument, gracefully glide and resonate so strikingly that they cause momentary amnesia from the harsh contrast of the preceding tracks. Staggering beats and hypnotic percussion give space for the painfully beautiful lead—a story told in sound, a heartfelt resolution to the EP.

Symonenko aptly states, “Electronic music is pure magic when done properly,” and this EP serves as a prime example of that magic.

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